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Did my best to cover “Real Love”. I’m tired and it’s hot so bare with me.


Learning this beauty. Will share video on my tumblr tonight.
Bought my first Pop! Today. A Lil Day of the Dead Sally. 💀
Bought this cute Day of the Dead Sally.

“I destroy myself so you can’t.”


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“Every word has consequences. Every silence, too.”


Jean-Paul Sartre, from The Selected Essays (via raikaxy)

Ooo I like dat.

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Honest premises for future jokes…

Okay matey’s…

I’m gonna just jot down what the honest truth is for me as of late…

1. I love living alone and I love silence. I love coming home to a cat that doesn’t have to ask me questions. I don’t like it when people call me. I don’t like hearing any rings from my phone. Why? lord knows.

2. I enjoy frosted mini wheats right before I pass out at night. I used to sleep like a mummy but ever since my body changed last year (hitting 25, gaining some weight…) I sleep now like a twisted rag doll.

3. I am happy to not be dating cause every time I date a guy, my brain and heart get fucked up and right now I love focusing on my world and bubble of family and friends and comedy. 

4. I am learning to control my anger and patience. I do this by having a few tactics: 

a.) I envision a image of me dropping a bag labeled “Anger” off of a cliff and it soars down on a rock where it cracks and disintegrates.

b.) I breathe in “I’m taming…” breathe out “my gremlin”.  (from the book “Taming Your Gremlin”.

c.) I just say to myself “Poor person. They have a sucky life. Feel sorry for him/her that he/she is having a really bad day. Good riddance.”

5. I love playing guitar and covering emo songs and letting my heart feel that is wonderful.

6. I hate that I can’t swim at my parents house anymore. I don’t want to hurt them cause I have tattoo’s on my upper left arm. I can now only swim at night, with no pool light, only the moonlight shining upon me.

7. I love being the unexpected person. I don’t like anyone have expectations of what they see me as. I love changing and molding into a different creature. Hence, why I do voices.

8. I haven’t changed up my look drastically at all. It is because I’ve come to pure acceptance of myself. All the years before 25 I always felt I had to look like a celeb or change up my look in order to feel good. 

9. I don’t even know if I want to get married. I’ve never visioned a wedding or a husband. I see nothing. I see only my work and cats.

10. I don’t mind becoming the old cat lady. I think that’s beautiful.

11. I love sleeping. The stupid world shuts off… but then my dreams turn on and I feel like I’m stoned.

12. I love smelling my pillows. 

13. I have been avoiding my usual hooking up with the dude I hook up with. Why? Because it’s a waste of time. I dunno. Every now and then it’s nice. But I don’t want any attachments.

14. Ella, my cat, just sleeps and sleeps and sleeps. Perhaps she is sad?

15. I love art and drawing what I’m feeling. It helps me so much in the moments I can’t express in words. 

16. I try to be motivated and busy on a daily basis but sometimes it’s hard to be that way 24/7. Usually once a month, I’ll have a day for “giving up”. Where I dress up as ugly as possible and sleep and not do anything on schedule. I cry and draw and say to myself “I’m nothing.” Then sleep it off and the next day is brand new. 

Well, that should be good for today. A few premises I can already see now. Going to open mics in a bit and will let you guys know how it goes!

Melissa Villasenor

Crazy? Or just really comfy being myself? 😜 #ihavebags